Oh, hi! Over here…

We know that our readers are super hip and technologically advanced, so we decided to get a Twitter account! Follow @GreenChalkboard where we will be sharing lots of fun, yummy, interesting food things with you. We’ll also let you know when we put new posts up, too.

See you there!


From http://www.penn-olson.com, original source unknown.


4 responses to “Oh, hi! Over here…

  1. You think I am technologically advanced and savvy? Hmm. Interesting. No one has ever said that about me. What’s Twitter?

  2. Yes, it was a joke. Just trying to get you some laughs. It is called “punch writing” in sitcom land. Even I know what twitter is. But I don’t think I am a tweetie type.

  3. I just starting blogging and texting-I’m not ready for tweeting.

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