The Official Apology Letter

Dear Blog Fans,

I’m sorry we’ve been so distant lately but we’ve been missing from the blog for the last few months for good reason: I had been studying almost every waking, non-working moment. I think Kendall was losing patience with me not being able to help with dinner or the grocery shopping but now it is all over.

I am happy to announce to you, blog fans, that this is the first post penned exclusively by Yours Truly, Registered Dietitian.

That’s right, my education had been validated. I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders and now it’s time for some intense job searching. Thanks for the support, everyone.

Now, I’m going to finish a few posts we started before Thanksgiving so that you can resume salivating on your keyboard.

Yours Truly,
Mandy Duncan, RD


3 responses to “The Official Apology Letter

  1. Congratulations, Mandy!

  2. hey, it’s okay everyone has busy/crazy times in life. Enjoy the holidays!

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